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Computer Servicing


At THS, we have a policy of installing quality branded products only in our computers.  Brands like ASUS, Corsair, Intel, & Western Digital are just some of the famous brands we use, providing unbeatable reliability.

There are no shortcuts or hidden surprises in our products. We are 100% transparent about the contents of your PC by listing a full and detailed specification. What you see is what you get.

data recovery

Data Recovery

Recover lost, deleted or formatted files

There are many situations where we have lost valuable photos or files, some examples include:

Damaged computer, viruses, corrupt operating system, accidentally deleted, formatted hard drive.

Whatever the cause, THS recover all your information in over 90% of cases. Once your information is recovered, it can be given to you in various ways i.e. external hard drive, CD, DVD, USB Dongle etc.

This process is  done using a secure closed system (not connected to the internet) which guarantees that your information remains private and secure. You can also supervise the procedure if you wish.

virus removal

Internet Security

Internet security, computer virus detection & removal

Strange pop ups, slow computer, internet not working. These are symptoms of computer viruses.

Some viruses have the ability to read your keystrokes, copy /delete files, clone your identity and hold your computer or information for ransom.

Whilst it is important to have good security software, your protection can be bypassed accidentally through email links, insecure downloads etc.

It is important that viruses are detected and removed quickly to limit any damage. If you have scanned your computer but still suspect that your computer is infected, please contact us as soon as possible. Although we remove all infections successfully, if left unchecked, these viruses will cause greater damage over time.

THS recommend AVG

We have used, tested and scrutinised various types of security software and found that AVG have a good balance between: protection, usability, and computer resources used. As an authorised reseller, we can install AVG for you at a discounted rate.

Please contact us for more information

Keep your computer running smoothly

Most computers rely on airflow, using fans to keep the internal components cool. This means your computer is constantly drawing in dust which inevitably builds up over time. A full hardware clean should be carried out by a competent technician to avoid causing damage to your PC.

Software cleaning can be equally important. By optimising settings and streamlining the way the operating system works. Essentially the computer does not have to work as hard to do the same job, this improves the overall performance.

 THS provide a full hardware and software service ensuring your computer is clean, virus free, and is operating smoothly which in turn could extend the life of your Laptop or Desktop PC.

Speed up computer

computer servicing

tech support

Tech Support

Existing customers get FREE technical support

At THS, we believe in rewarding loyal customers. Many technology related issues are simple to resolve and therefore can be sorted out over the phone. Whatever the problem, we will talk you through it step by step and offer friendly and impartial advice. (This service is free to all existing customers).

If your problem is a little too technical then you can opt for  remote support, or for one of our technicians to call round and fix the problem on-site. (These services may be subject to a charge)

custom build

Custom Buit computers

Your design, your specification to meet your needs.

There can be a lot of wastage when you buy a new computer. The packages on offer may seem to pack loads of technology, but do they really give you what you want, at the price that you want to pay?

A custom built PC may sound expensive, but in fact it is usually cheaper with greater specification.

With a custom build, YOU choose exactly what you want. If you are not sure what to go for, then we will give expert advice on what specification you need.

Laptop, tablet & iPad screen replacement

Cracked screens / digitisers are an increasingly common occurrence. We replace all types of laptop screens, usually within two days (depending on the screen type and size).

Tablets & iPads are slightly different in the fact that they have touch-screens (digitisers) which are glued on to the device in most cases, and may take a little longer for the repair.

Your laptop or tablet device screen will be replaced and looking like new, complete with a 1 year guarantee.

screen repair

screen repair