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Business Services

Most modern businesses rely heavily on the information stored on their computer systems. Losing this information can cost time and money and in some cases, halt production altogether.

Our data backup service provides peace of mind in case the worst happens.

There are many different ways that we can backup your systems, and this procedure can be done as often as you see fit either remotely or on-site.

Various types of backup’s can be performed depending on how you would like to recover your files.

THS rewards their existing customers by providing FREE telephone technical support.

Our extensive knowledge on various operating systems, software and hardware means that many of your technical issues may be dealt with over the phone.

If you prefer that we sort it out for you, then you may opt for Remote Assistance or arrange for a technician to provide on-site support.

Whatever the issue, we have the solution to keep your business operating as smoothly as possible.

Wether you are at work, at home or on a business trip half way round the world, if you need assistance with technical issues we can help.

Remote assistance is a fast and secure way of resolving these issues.

You are able to fully monitor the session and our technicians will give running commentary of the repair process. The software we use generates a new PIN code each time it is used, securing your PC once the session is complete.

Remote assistance can also be used to transfer files or as a useful online learning tool.

* Please note: Remote assistance is dependant on internet connectivity.

Spreadsheets have many applications, from basic accounting and invoices to full business reports.

They can be customised and designed so that a novice can populate and produce reports with usreforms and a few clicks.

Some examples include: Invoices, TAX, VAT, PAYE, Account Balance, Mortgage and loans and many more.

Sounds complicated? THS are Excel specialists and can personalise each and every spreadsheet to meet your requirements.

If your I.T. Hardware has been damaged, it can be a slow process to get it repaired or replaced by your insurance company.

For a small fee, we will assess the damage and quote the cost of repair or replacement. A full report will then be written for you to provide to the insurer.

If you would prefer, THS can forward the report direct to the insurer along with photographic evidence if required.

This service is offered to business and home users.

Data Backup

Remote Assistance

I.T. Support

Spreadsheet Design

Insurance Reports

business services

IT support, data backup and spreadsheet design are just some of the services that THS offer to our business customers.

Providing peace of mind, security & training

Business Services